My name is Luis and am the owner of the Chicago Spoiled Pups dog care facility. Currently I am pursuing a degree in Veterinary Medicine to become a Veterinary Technician but am taking some time off of school to make my lifelong dream of running a Dog Care Center come true. I have worked with all species of animals, including exotics, but have found that my closest bond is with dogs. I am CPR and First Aid Certified for cats and dogs, a Certified Veterinary Support Assistant, currently working on Dog Nutrition certifications, and some people like to say I’m the “dog whisperer” of Chicago. I own 3 large birds, which include 2 Macaws and a Conure, and am also a proud owner of 4 dogs that make up a friendly yet rambunctious pack. 

Working from home has its benefits as I get to provide plenty of exercise and constant supervision for my pets and our guests. We tend to spend our days in the yard running around, playing with toys, and enjoying the weather. Caring for dogs is not a hobby but a passion of mine that started as a youngster. I grew up watching “The Crocodile Hunter” with Steve Irwin and like to credit my passion for animals to Steve. There is a lot I have learned from animals including many life lessons that I try to live by each and every day. They have taught me to live a happy life and to make the best of each new day by doing what I love most. I encourage people to look at the world through an animals eyes and try to help create stronger bonds between owners and their pets. Chicago Spoiled Pups is truly a home away from home and we hope your dog will visit us soon. Specializing and focusing mostly on dog behavior I am happy to address any concerns you may have about your dog and willing to share any tips or advice.

Throughout my life I have owned over 20 pets and at 23 years of age that is almost 1 new pet each year! That doesn’t include all the insects I’d find and bring home on my outdoor adventures. You can imagine how happy my parents were with me every time I brought a new one home. In recent years I adopted a Blue and Gold Macaw and named her Jewels. She initiated contact by waving hello to me, which was something she must have learned from a previous owner, and from that moment I had decided she would be coming home with me. Shortly after I was gifted with a fertile Military Macaw egg and learned to hand feed and raise a newborn baby bird. I named her Polly and have been letting her fly around the house for 3 years now. Then came a little conure named Fuzz who I also adopted and fell in love with. Her high pitched voice and feisty personality immediately won me over. The following year I adopted my first dog from the shelter. He was a 7 month old black lab mix that had the most adorable face and lively personality. Charlie became the first dog I was able to pick out and provide for out of my own pocket. I decided he needed a friend so I found Nucky who is an all black Pug and now Charlie’s new best friend. After realizing I had 2 crazy boys in my home I figured I should have a girl as well! Ellie, another Pug, came into the picture and kept the boys in line with her feisty personality. As Ellie was still making her mark and creating a bond with her brothers a guest dog who stayed with us over the holidays gave birth to 13 puppies. The owner was so happy I took care of them all and sent him photos of everyone while he was away that he insisted I have first pick of the litter. So of course I picked out a little brindle Pitbull and we decided to name her Wrigley since she was born when the Cubs won the World Series. I never thought I’d have 3 birds and 4 dogs but I wouldn’t change a thing because they are all family.

If you’re still reading I applaud you for sticking with me on my never ending animal additions to my home! Charlie, Nucky, Ellie, Wrigley, Jewels, Polly, and Fuzz would be happy to meet you all. If you can remember all of their names and mention them to me upon arrival we will have a special gift for you and your dog!

-Chicago Spoiled Pups Owner Luis Zuniga