Hesitant about bringing your dog? Let us put your mind at ease and allow us to schedule a day and time that best fits your schedule. Visit our “Contact” page to schedule a Meet & Greet for you and your dog! You will be able to bring your dog(s) to see the facility, meet the owner, and see if your dog gets along well with the pack. We accept all breeds, ages, sizes and shapes!

A typical Meet & Greet lasts about 30 minutes where you and the facility owner will talk about feeding/behavioral habits, your dog’s personality, and discuss proper care specific to your dog’s needs. All questions will be answered to ensure that you and your dog(s) are completely comfortable before you commit to booking a stay.

For the safety of our guest dogs and your children, we ask that guests who bring children along on Meet & Greets  do not enter the yard while other dogs are outside as we cannot guarantee that all dogs in our care are child friendly. Children may also create excessive excitement or over stimulation which may lead to dog aggression.